4 ways for a better sleep

Hey guys, so as a stay at home mom it’s hard to ever get enough sleep (for me anyways). I’m always tossing and turning and trying to think of what needs to be done. I start planning the next day, I stay up late trying to get things done and end up not getting enough sleep! So lately I’ve been trying new ways to help me get better sleep and these are the best four to me!


Stretch! Stretch every morning and every night! Me and my daughter do it together we love it! If I don’t stretch before bed my back hurts throughout the night so I focus on my back!

Yoga stretching before bed



Turn off the iPad! Turn off your electronics and read a book! The lights from electronics make it harder for you to sleep! You can lay in bed and read or even relax in a nice bath and pick up a book.

Reading before bed



A bath! I take a bath every night before bed it really helps me relax! Like I said above you can read in there or meditate.



Number 4

Beleive it or not.. BANANAS !! Yup bananas help you sleep 😴 and they also help my kids sleep through the night too! If you have a sweet tooth at night like me they are great for that too.

Bananas for better sleep

Bananas 🍌


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