How to do Boxer braids


Boxer braids are the new trend and you see them more and more everyday. I like to do mine a bit more loose and messy then tight and slick but whatever way you decide this will show you how!

  1. Start with dry brushed out hair no tangles allowed!
  2. Part your hair directly down the middle the entire way down your head it’s ok if it’s not perfect unless your going for that look
  3. clip one side up and make sure all the hair is in the clip so it doesn’t get pulled over to the other side while braiding
  4. braid each side separately and take your time if your anything like me you rush
  5. Put your fingers in and loosen the braids up! I put my fingers in at my roots and give it a little shake then I pull apart the bottom braids to give them a more stylish looK


If you wear your braids to bed when you take it out in the morning it will be perfect beach waves


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